Ethical Sourcing - Our Cornerstone

We take pride in the fact that ours is a complete ethical process. Through adherence to quality, environmental and socio economic parameters, we ensure transparent and sustainable practices while simultaneously taking care of the farmers, their communities and our planet.

Empowering Farmers - Our Strength

We at Aricha have close ties with ground level farmers. Our team of agricultural experts visit their farms regularly to guide, train and educate them on increasing and retaining soil’s physical properties through granulation, good aeration, easy root penetration and how to enhance the water-holding capacity.

When our farmers learn, we grow as a team. Our initiatives include:

  • To empower farmers with knowledge that helps them to prepare and upkeep their farms for the grant of organic certification facilitation.
  • To develop trainers in and around the remotest origins on organic management practices.
  • To build the first generation growers and aid them with requisites for organic farming.
  • To help farmers with techniques to double farmer’s income.

Taking Richness to the World

Reaching purity and a rich taste to the world from the remotest corners of India, is no easy task. While the spice and herb industry mainly face limitations arising from Procurement, Global Market Competitiveness and Sustainability of Supply, we at Aricha, with a unique and a challenging supply chain ensure consistent and uninterrupted supply to varied geographies, even in the most difficult times.

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