Safety & Compliance

The food, process & personnel safety standards maintained at Aricha are at par  with the very best. Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are crafted  to be in compliance with the safety regulations in different countries across the world.  Aricha has customers globally – and catering to their tastes while eliminating all possible risks is a priority for us always.

Organic Traceability- Being environmentally responsible, accountable & transparent

We follow strict food safety standards and end-to-end organic traceability across the entire Supply Chain.  Aricha suppliers (i.e.  the growers, the processors, and exporters) are required to submit evidence of regenerative practices made for the herbs and spices throughout the supply chain.  This ensures we are always aware of the origin of the farms, the farmers’ identities and every batch processed.

Certificates & Audits

Regular safety inspections, audits and lab tests are carried out at our facilities by qualified experts. Multiple prestigious certifications underline our commitment to maintaining quality excellence and delivering goodness to our customers at all times.