At Aricha, a streamlined and highly systematic production process is followed, to ensure quality produce and complete customer satisfaction.
 For us, goodness lies in the detailing. The production process standard adhered to at Aricha reflects precisely that.


Over the years, we have constantly upgraded our production  infrastructure and
facilities  in order to take up the quality of our produce to newer heights.  
Our systems have also evolved, helping us consolidate our business reputation. 
The technologies implemented at our facilities include :

Steam Treatment

  • Superheated water and air pressure are used in this process.
  • Ideal for the destruction of virus, bacteria and fungal spores.
  • High level of sterility is achieved within a short time.
  • No chemicals and/or hazardous materials are used for ingredient sterilisation.
  • Organic waste materials are not generated by the process.

Dry Heat Method

  • Ideal for situations where steam treatment is not feasible.
  • Dry heat is used with proper ventilation in the process.
  • CO2 treatment for organic insect control.
  • The quality of the produce/ingredients remain intact at all times.

We at Aricha take a lot of pride in maintaining the unmatched quality of our produce. Our in-house infrastructure & processes are geared towards  meeting the varying demands of our global customers.

Pest Control

Ensuring complete food safety is accorded prime importance at Aricha.
Through constant, dedicated & rigorous pest control measures,
 we make sure that there are no chances of contamination and food quality degradation at any time.

Our pest management strategies have been carefully framed in accordance with internationally accepted parameters. We follow a systematic and tiered approach in our IPM practices. Regular audits and pest tracking initiatives are conducted to ensure that our campuses are pest-free at all times.

The ongoing IPM process at Aricha involves the following:

  • Regular inspections to track program effectiveness.
  • Focus on pest-prone areas & closure of probable entry points.
  • Elimination of pest infiltrations.
  • Structural maintenance initiatives.
  • Periodic visits by certified pest control experts.
  • Non-chemical pest control initiatives to ensure zero contamination.
  • Regular staff awareness programs & monitoring.
  • Maintenance & updation of pest management documentation.

Good operations lie at the heart of great tastes that meet & surpass customer expectations. Our pest control measures are instrumental in ensuring this.

Food Safety​

The hygiene & overall wholesomeness of produce is accorded prime importance at Aricha. Stringent food safety parameters that are in accordance with international standards are followed through:

  • Elimination of cross-contamination risks.
  • Adherence to lofty personal hygiene & process hygiene standards.
  • Prevention of bacterial growth/multiplication.
  • Usage of sanitisers, disinfectants & other cleaning agents to maintain purity standards.
  • Careful ingredient sterilisation for contaminant-removal.
  • Safe and hygienic storage & maintenance of our batches and produce.

Having been present in the industry for decades, we have an in-depth understanding of the latest food safety requirements and standards. This knowledge & expertise empowers us to optimise quality, every single time.