Creator & Curator at Aricha
With a focus on constant expansion & sharing of his vast knowledge base, Narayan Chandra Banerjee, Creator & Curator at Aricha, is the perfect example of a ‘living encyclopedia’. Advancing years have not put a dampener on the free-spirited Mr. Banerjee, who has helmed many industrial projects as a consultant & valuer. Now 74 years old, Mr. Banerjee has devoted his life towards the establishment and growth of Aricha’s food business. He has been instrumental in helping Aricha emerge as a leading supplier of organic food products, with a special focus on Japan as a market and a source of technology. Mr. Banerjee is a master of R&D and costing – and his remarkable culinary skills can rival those of any masterchef. Mr. Narayan Banerjee has been an achiever in life in the truest sense of the word. People from multiple countries, right from Peru to India to Japan, look up to him as a role model. If anyone’s life is worth celebrating, Mr. Banerjee is that person.


CEO at Aricha
Vishal Jalan, the CEO of Aricha and a bonafide farm lover, is a classic example of a ‘young achiever’. When his tryst with entrepreneurship started in 2000, Mr. Jalan was all of 18, studying commerce at a Kolkata college. As a trained Food Safety Auditor, Mr. Jalan prioritises the 3Rs – Richer Soil, Richer Supply Chain, and Richer Taste. He focuses on understanding custom quality control & supply chain management requirements, as specified by clients. During his career, Mr. Jalan has always stayed true to his commitment of closely collaborating with farmers from the remotest of locations, and developing healthy & sustainable food and beverage products for discerning global consumers. He has traveled to far-off places across the country, with an unwavering determination to identify richer soils and the best produce. In addition to being the guiding light for the Aricha team, Mr. Vishal Jalan is also currently working with many organic food entrepreneurs in India, the Indian Chamber of Commerce, the Spices Board and APEDA. His focus has remained constant: to foster farmer growth, to encourage healthier choices, and to take the Indian food industry to the next level.


Chief Operating Officer at Aricha
A picture of calmness and serenity, Vivek Bhardwaj, Chief Operating Officer at Aricha, is an exemplary professional. With decades of experience in the food industry, he is a master of product development, operations and marketing strategies. Mr. Bhardwaj regularly interacts with international clients, to understand & implement innovations in factories and farms worldwide. With a focus on continuous improvement of operations, Mr. Bhardwaj constantly strives to develop the skill sets of his team-members in particular, and food industry professionals in general. Mr. Bhardwaj is a man of many talents.  An active follower of Kaizen & Zen, he doubles up as a yoga instructor,  Ayurveda herbal product developer,  and food safety & quality control trainer.  At home, he follows his passion for baking regularly. Whatever be the pressures at work, the equanimity of Mr. Vivek Bhardwaj is never affected.  A perfect role model, if ever there was one.