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Sustainability - Aricha India

An Ethical, Responsible & Conscious Approach

An Ethical, Responsible & Conscious Approach

Love for Mother Nature and Care for universal wellness is the cornerstone of the very being of ARICHA. Working with several farmer families across the remotest parts of India we cultivate thousand acres of land following regenerative farming practices. This has ensured that we, together  work continuously towards the vision of a sustainable environment while creating a pure bond of a profoundly ecologically-minded community- involving  Mother Nature, the farmers and the consumers.

To replenish the soil continuously while ensuring wellness of our consumers, we educate the farmers about sustainable agricultural practices, ways to keep the biodiversity intact and methodologies to take good care of the health of the ecosystem in totality.

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Through oneness in our approach, we come together towards creating a business model that contributes to our holistic goal of ensuring pure  soil, pure food and a pure life.

Our Farmers, Our Assets

Our farmers are our lifelines. We are proud to improve their quality of lives through training and education to enrich their skills and pass them on to their future generations.

Our bond with them is special – one that’s built on trust and transparency. Not just helping them with farming, but we are committed to the betterment of their communities offering fair market wages, access to healthcare and education and improvements in their lifestyle.

We believe in unified happiness- where happy farmers build happy communities which in turn empowers prosperity.